metaVinyl's - could they be worth $$thousands one day?

metaVinyl's - could they be worth $$thousands one day?

Do you know someone that collects vinyl records? It's a wonderful hobby. You get to enjoy the music from playing it but if you are a wise investor, you could also make a ton of money.

Here are some values of limited edition vinyl in today’s market:

Vinyl Values

The original pressing by Motown Records of “Do I Love You” in 1965 would have sold for around 99c. At a $40,000 current valuation this is the equivalent of 20.4% return year on year for the last 57 years. In fact, in 2020, the current owner Lee Jeffries was offered $160,000 US dollars for it!

Better than returns from the stock market, better than property investment. And you don’t need a ton of money to start your collection.

So what are "metaVinyls"?

MetaVinyl's(TM) by CryptoCrewz will be this generation’s concept of music collectibles. It is a downloadable lossless hi-fi master recording song file that you own. It is powered by a carbon-neutral blockchain and certified by an eco-NFT. To be clear you do not own the actual master recording, but you do own a very limited edition authenticated run of a master recording. Just like collecting vinyl, you can now collect metaVinyl's with a fully on-line collection. People spend more and more time on-line anyway, and that is where all your social capital resides.

How many people can actually come to your physical home and see the vinyl collection you have proudly curated over the years? Meanwhile your metaVinyl collection is in your blockchain wallet for all to see and admire. You could display them on a virtual gallery wall online for the world to see. You can listen to them on the platform, or from a smart phone app. 

Just like physical vinyl, metaVinyl's are a tradeable product. You can buy them, sell them, or auction them. They are crypto authenticated on the blockchain. They cannot be faked or counterfeited.

CryptoCrewz is building up our metaVinyl record store with more and more metaVinyls from artists every week. Imagine if you could own the original limited edition metaVinyl of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”? How much could that be worth today? (unfortunately the Jackson estate would probably not allow it to happen but one can dream..)

What if metaVinyls were invented in 1965 and you owned the metaVinyl and the ecoNFT certificate of “Do I Love You”. It might look something like this:


If we time travelled this parallel universe and bought this metaVinyl for $50 could it be worth $160,000 today? Who knows...

We believe metaVinyl will be the true music lovers collection format for years to come. And at prices from $20 to $50 on original mint it’s an amazingly cheap way to get into the market right now whilst owning something from the music artists you love. 


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