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Creatives Grant
Up to $20,000 on offer every month

Will this be your big break?

The CryptoCrewz Creatives Grant aims to support musical artists
that are trying to breakout into a major star with grants up to $20,000 available every month.

You may be an artist on the verge of breakthrough, but just do not have enough funds to take it to the next level. You may have had meetings with record labels, but they think you are too small to be worth their time, or they have passed on your talents. You may have signed with a record label previously but now they won't give you the time of day. You may have an exceptional voice, amazing song writing skills, instrumental ability, or dancing skills, but do not have the music industry contacts or business management capability to put it all together to be a complete act.

CryptoCrewz can help you

The executive team of CryptoCrewz is heavily involved in
the highest ranks of the worldwide music industry with a combined 50 years of
experience, responsible for multiple number #1 platinum hits, millions of streams, and multiple music awards.
We have direct contacts to every major record label, top hit producers, artist managers, and collab links
to the biggest music stars of today and the past. CryptoCrewz can assist new
artists and help them follow their dreams to be the next superstar.

Up to $20,000 grants on offer. Every. Single. Month

The CryptoCrewz Creatives Grant Fund issues monthly cash grants to
new and emerging artists, ranging up to $20,000. Applications and
selections for these grants occur approximately once a month. The program will
run for a minimum of 12 months.

Build your music career with us

The cash grant can be used for a multitude of reasons, including:

-Music studio hire time

-Hiring a concert venue for a live show

-Hiring a producer, sound engineer, mixing engineer, songwriter

-Hiring a band, backup dancers, backup singers

-Hiring a collab artist fee for service

-Creating a music video

-Advertising, marketing and radio play costs to boost your content

-The entire process of creating the music master or creating an album

Distribute your content on our platform

The final song or creative that is released will be sold as a limited edition metaVinyl™
distributed on the CryptoCrewz Recordifly marketplace, to your current fans and new fans, and CryptoCrewz members.

We will also help you list your song or album on all the major streaming platforms such as Spotify,
and contact music marketing executives and music industry managers to promote your new content.

CryptoCrewz takes a negotiated percentage distribution and
management fee on the metaVinyl™ sale price, a percentage of re-sale royalties,
and also recoupment of the initial grant on a 50/50 revenue basis earned by the
artist until fully recouped. You as the artist will always retain 100% of your
master and full creative control.

Become a CryptoCrewz ambassador

You will also have the rights to be selected as a CryptoCrewz ambassador with customised CryptoCrewz merchandising such as apparel wear and appear on the main CryptoCrewz home page for promotional

How to apply

Firstly, you need to be a CryptoCrewz community member to participate. To do this, you need to own a CryptoCrewz Original Generation metaVinyl™. Release #1 will open in approximately July 2022.

At current mint prices, the cost is $500 USDC. 499 of the OG metaVinyls are currently available worldwide. CryptoCrewz may release more depending on demand.

As a CryptoCrewz OG member, you will be regularly airdropped (for free), up to 10 various metaVinyls™ of selected artist that releases their track on CryptoCrewz, get first preferences for concert tickets, priority queues to purchase other in-demand metaVinyls™, and discounts to CryptoCrewz apparel.

Selection Process

Once you own the OG metaVinyl you need to fill in the online application form, then stake the NFT on our platform. Whilst the NFT is staked, it means your application is available for selection in any month’s assessment round.

10 applications are then selected at random via a smart contract, every month to be assessed. Results are posted on our website for transparency and integrity, the randomized smart contract code is public for all to see.  

Our creative team then filters through the list to determine the best entries based on merit, creative talent, marketability, and x-factor. The top entries will be invited to meet the CryptoCrewz judging team on Zoom to discuss their application for funding.  

You are allowed to own a maximum of 4 OG metaVinyls per account. 

CryptoCrewz will have the discretion to separately fund you outside of the grant system with a negotiated private offer if you have an exceptionally creative idea or content.

Assessment Criteria

To apply you will need to fill out an online form on this website with your details, reference portfolio, creative idea/song
of what you need funded and a short introductory video no longer than 5 minutes, explaining why you deserve the grant.

Each month, CryptoCrewz may target a particular region, style of music, or any other criteria that may boost your chance of success. For example, one month we may give higher assessment weighting to North American hip-hop artists, the next month African continent afro-beats, then the month after electronic dance music. Keep an eye out on the CryptoCrewz notice board to maximise your chances of success.

Your assessment will be weighted on:

1) Musical talent

2) Prior experience or success in the music industry

3) Number of social media followers and marketability

4) X-factor

The decisions of our Executive Creative Team is final and not open to appeal. If no entries are considered acceptable in the monthly application round, CryptoCrewz reserves the right to delay the grant to the following month.

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