Conor Maynard
In the Metaverse
"7th Avenue" VinylNFT release

An artist not afraid to push boundaries and formats

Connecting with his super fans with authentic exclusive releases.

"7th Avenue" is Conor's latest single - a track written and sung from the heart, released in digital vinylNFT format. Own your unique limited edition copy now.

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Limited edition Song

This limited edition, authentic, digital VinylNFT will only be available from xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx.

After that date any remaining copies will be burned on the blockchain forever.

Included in the package is:

- Album Art NFT

- Never heard before song "7th Avenue" in MP3 and FLAC file format

- Behind the scenes video not available on social media.

- NFT can be bought and sold on any NFT marketplace after minting

- NFT Minting Price only £7.50 GBP ex VAT

- Sell it on CryptoCrewz Recordifly at market price after mint, hold it for a while, or keep it forever. Will it go up in value? Are you a real Conor Maynard super fan?

Who knows - buy it and find out!!

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1948 - Vinyl

1965 - Cassette Tapes

1985 - Compact Disc

2000 - MP3

2010 - Spotify

2022 - Music NFT's

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