Our Eco statement

Our mission is to innovate new technology with minimum impact to the environment.

We are a 100% green ethical carbon-neutral ecological crypto platform

We challenge other crypto platforms to do the same

Lets talk about NFTs and climate change

We are aware that crypto does not have great green credentials. But that is changing rapidly.

CryptoCrewz has committed to ensuring all non fungible token certificate of ownerships issued on our platform are as close to carbon neutral as possible.

That's why we call them eco-NFT's.

We do this in two ways:

Eco-friendly Blockchain

Carbon Offsets


The original blockchains were highly energy in-efficient. Ethereum mainnet can use the energy of a small country to run, with associated major carbon footprint. Although a new upgrade in late 2022 is promised to change this, we do not support such technology, and we have been searching for ways to innovate for the betterment of artists whilst make non fungible tokens more eco-friendly.

The first decision was to implement our marketplace on the Polygon Blockchain. Polygon is over 10,000 more eco-efficient than the Ethereum mainnet. The cost of a Polygon transaction ranges from a tiny 0.2 grams of Co2 to 430 grams of Co2.

Carbon Offsets

In April 2022, Polygon Blockchain made a Green Manifesto to be carbon neutral (even carbon negative), with a $20m pledge to offset their entire carbon footprint from inception.

As far as we can, CryptoCrewz will ensure every product sold on our platform has as close to a ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT as possible, to be 100% green

This is the dedication of the CryptoCrewz co-founders to the planet and our next generations, whilst innovating technology for humanity.