The online record store for metaVinyl™, with the buy and sell features of ebay

Hi-Fidelity lossless digital audio. Not a compressed Spotify stream.

Hear music the way the artist intended.

Buy it. Own it. Sell it.

The Recordifly music platform lets you collect metaVinyl from your favourite artists. Buy, sell and trade amongst the CryptoCrewz community to collect them all.

Collect a full set to claim exclusive limited-edition metaVinyls for free and also enter the draw to win prizes and merchandise.

New artists released regularly! Subscribe now so you don't miss out.

The metaVinyl marketplace powered by carbon-neutral eco-NFT technology for a curated collection of limited edition music content - coming soon!
For Artists

- Empower you to regain and maintain creative and financial control

- Don't be just a number on a DSP

- Get intimate connections with your biggest fans

- Collab on merch and apparel with CryptoCrewz

- Eligibility requirements of minimum number of social followers to maintain exclusivity of the platform

- Confused and overwhelmed with all the crypto tech speak? CryptoCrewz Artist Management Division can handle all of it for you, onboard you, turn your songs into metaVinyl, handle all distribution, marketing, press, publicity, royalty and rights management. (If you are already signed with a record label please contact us to discuss options.)

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man with headphones
Man with headphones
For Music Fans

- You crave the connection with your favourite artists that has been lost in the music world for the last decade

- OWN (don't rent) exclusive content from your artist. Behind the scenes footage, remixes, interviews, limited edition album artwork

- Buy and Sell content with other fans

- Become a member of an exclusive music loyalty club with a growing stable of artists

- Share in the success of your favourite artists songs by owning a share of their song - the more royalties they make, the more reward points you earn