All your questions about NFTs and CryptoCrewz answered here!

CryptoCrewz first debut release is a hip-hop and pop inspired character set of 10,000 unique figurines, no two are alike, some are much rarer than others. The next release will be a 3D set of NFT's, with STL files downloadable for 3D printing of the figurine, and then the next release after that will be limited edition music NFT's for super fans of top selling music artists.

Our roadmap includes merchandise (Q4 2021 - completed), 2D NFT set (Q1 2022 - completed), 3D NFT and music NFT's (Q2 2022), curated NFT marketplace (Q3 2022- in development), VR concert and metaverse (Q1 2023- in contract negotiations).

Our aim is for the CryptoCrewz universe to have the most utility and membership privileges of any NFT collection available in the market today.

As part of the roadmap, the CryptoCrewz website will soon have a dedicated curated NFT marketplace tab where you can buy and sell CryptoCrewz NFT's amongst collectors. This will be in competition with Opensea and Rarible. You will still be able to sell your NFT on those platforms, but as we expand, customers will likely turn to curated exclusive collections so high quality NFT's don't get lost in the crowd - as we all know, anybody can list anything on Opensea and it is getting harder and harder to find quality projects.

The first collection will be on the Polygon L2 blockchain, which rolls up into the Mainnet Ethereum blockchain. The sale price will be in MATIC. Opensea accepts Ethereum and Polygon blockchain NFT's for resale. The great thing about Polygon is that the gas fees are negligible and you will save a significant amount of money on transaction costs by using Polygon instead of directly Ethereum. Additionally, MATIC, the native coin of Polygon, was one of the fastest rising coins in value in 2021.

There is a rumour that the Coinbase NFT marketplace (which currently has a 2.4m purchaser waiting list), will be run on Polygon.

We wish we had a crystal ball to answer that question! If we reach top 5 NFT status that would be a dream come true. BAYC and Cryptopunks are well over $300,000 USD floor, and our collections have more utility and membership perks than those 2 collections (with all due respect to BAYC which is an awesome collection by the way)

We are in final commercial-in-confidence contract negotiations with 5 different international artists at the moment and we expect many more to come. One group has 20m instagram followers and is the Number 1 hit artist in their native country. They will be releasing a new hit single limited edition to only 10,000 lucky super fans as a CryptoCrewz platform NFT. As our head office is in Australia, we also have access to some of the most respected Australian music talent and up and coming Australia/NZ pop stars. Our team includes record executives and producers that held senior exec roles at Sony Music.

Because they are awesome that's why!

CryptoCrewz NFT ownership gives you membership to an exclusive club as a brand member that is a fusion of exclusivity, tech superiority, uniqueness, street cred, music and fashion dynamism.

No other NFT release provides that combination of street, music, and tech culture all combined in one.

Get access to the latest drops from the latest music artists, fashion designers and get access to VR concert shows without leaving your home or country.

Earn CryptoCrewz Loyalty Points when owning a CryptoCrewz NFT song master release where the artist earns royalties and you earn points to redeem on limited edition merch drops.

Can your other NFT's do that?

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